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How to Find Low Insurance Rates for Foreign Cars


The world is integrating very fast and every manufacturer is looking for a new market. Does it really matter that you have an imported car when it comes to insuring it? This could depend on many factors like availability of parts and mechanics to repair them.

Actually, it is very difficult to make the distinction these days. For example, people may class BMW as a foreign car since it is a German brand. However, most of the ones that are sold in the American market is manufactured in Pennsylvania. The same wrong assumptions apply to Toyota as well since it is originally a Japanese brand. However, Toyota is the largest auto manufacturer in the USA now. While Ford and other companies are only assembling their vehicles in the country Toyota actually makes most parts here as well.

Furthermore, insurance is getting universal too. You can drive with your insurance coverage in Canada during your visit. Of course if you move there or spend more of you time you should buy a Canadian insurance coverage and you can drive in the US with it. Also, you can find some of the companies that operating in the US doing business in Canada too.

The situation is different in Mexico since they require you buy a Mexican policy the moment you cross the border. You need to check the laws and regulations of the countries you are planning to visit. You don’t want to have problems with the law.

Coming back to insuring foreign cars, it is hardly likely you will have any problems as long as they are sold in the American market widely. You may have slight problems with the ones that are custom or rare. You need to get the specifications of these vehicles and talk to a broker or a specialist firm.

foreign autosIf you are bringing a vehicle that was first registered abroad you will probably have to change the registration to your home state. This would take time and paperwork but shouldn’t be a problem either. In many states you need to have your registration documents to insure a vehicle and in some cases you need to buy insurance first to be able to register. You should check the regulations in your state.

Of course, if you make the highly unusual decision of taking a car from the UK to America that could be a different story. The cars in the UK are right hand drive and this may affect your rates or require you to arrange special coverage. For anything quite extra ordinary you should talk to a broker or a specialist insurers. They would be the best sources of coverage and information.

You should always inform yourself with the laws, regulations and possibilities when you are considering buying certain type of an automobile. The same applies when you are considering making a lot of modifications to your existing car. Any changes on engine and body will affect car insurance rates and you want to be aware of this effect before you go ahead with the purchase or modification.

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