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Why People Change their Car Insurance Companies?


Generally people are comfortable with the suppliers they work with everyday. They like to go to the same restaurant over and over again or visit the same holiday destinations for years. This is because of the disappointments they had with many service providers and good manufacturers. Knowing a little about the place, product and provider makes it familier.

Still change is good in many cases and there is no need to be scared that we will lose out. After all, we can go back to previous provider if things doesn’t work out. If we don’t try we don’t know what else is available to us in the vast marketplace. Besides, there may be things happened in the past that makes us think it may be time to move on.

There are plenty reasons why motorists changes their insurance carriers. In some cases, policyholders may be forced to make a change. In others they prefer to do it on their own will. It is hard to list all of them here. But here are the common justifications for switching;

Premium Costs and Desire to Save Money

You may have had a good quote when you first took out the current policy several years ago. This does not mean that they are still very competitive. Check your options at each renewal and see where you are at that time with prices. Finding cheap car insurance quotes is the most common reason for switching carriers. Everyday thousands of people do find cheaper car insurance rates and save money.

Better Coverage Offers

Auto insurance companies keep adjusting and improving their products and prices. You may be quoted similar premium but the policy on offer may be loaded with many extras you like. This is one of the ways insurers use to attract new customers. When you can get a lot more for your money why would you not want it? While some companies see additional coverage requests as an opportunity to make money others may see a chance to keep you happy. After all it is harder and costlier to find new customers.

do you feel protected?Unpleasant Claims Experience

The whole reason you buy insurance is to get compensated when you suffer a loss. You do not mess around when the payment date comes and hand over the money. It is only natural that you expect the same when you have a claim. They should deal with it efficiently and keep you informed in every step. When they start demanding too many information, documents and sit on your claim too long you may want to consider your options.

This time it may be only a small claim. A bigger claim with an unresponsive insurer can be very stressful. You want your car to be repaired efficiently and returned back to you. Check with your family and friends for their experience. Go online and find forums where people discuss their own experiences. Usually, you do not have to pay a lot more for a better company.

Poor Customer Service Provision

Some companies rate poorly on this department. You may have to wait for ten minutes for the phone to be answered. And when it is answered they may not be knowledgeable enough and put you on hold to find out from their supervisors. The whole process may leave a bad taste and you may start questioning what would happen when you have a claim.

If they are not answering the phone to sell a new policy or deal with customer queries that may lead to upsell, it would be bad when they have to pay money out for a claim. You can check their service quality before switching to a new insurer by calling them.

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