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Should You Fight a Disputed Auto Insurance Claim?


You would naturally be a little anxious after submitting a claim. We hear all sorts of stories of auto insurance companies’ evil doings. Quite a few of them are highly exaggerated tales and not even close to real story. Some of them can be real and few companies may play difficult to hand over the money. At times, they may be fully justified to do so. On other occasions they may be taken to court and get beaten.

When a claim is made most companies would appoint a claims adjuster to deal with it. This person is responsible for gathering the required information and and presenting it back to the firm. You will have your say on the matter and you will fill a claim form explaining the incident and listing your damages. This is the first step and loss adjuster will take it from there.

They will get more information from sources like other drivers, witnesses and police should any of them involve. Furthermore, they will inspect the vehicle and get an opinion from the body repair shop. If they find contradicting information, they may come back and check with you. Or they may go ahead and come to their conclusions and inform you of it.

car insurance claimsHopefully, all goes well and you get a satisfactory claim settlement. Again there may be a chance you have your say again about the outcome. There is a chance you can persuade the adjuster to increase the offer. In any case you should take up your concerns with the adjuster. If this is not going anywhere you should speak to the claims department directly. When you have a valid reason to argue you will find someone who listens and looks into it for you.

Unfortunately, companies can deny the claim outright at certain circumstances. One of them is that the driver is found intoxicated at the time of the accident. This would have been covered well in your policy that you cannot drive drunk and expect your claims paid. If you or whoever was driving your auto is proved to be drunk you probably have no grounds to argue against the refusal of the claim. You can try but you are most likely be wasting your money and time.

Another case would be that you were engaged in an illegal activity at the time of the accident. For example, if you were making a run from the police and crashed you may not find many sympathetic ears to your cries. This is another clear cut exclusion that prevents you from making a claim or arguing about it.

Knowingly causing the damage or claiming more than the losses suffered in this incident will be met with strong opposition by the insurer or their agents. You cannot make a claim for a damage that was caused during a spousal spat. You break you pay, that is the rule.

Otherwise, you should talk to a lawyer about your case when all your efforts to resolve it nicely didn’t bear any solutions. You should also talk about the defense costs with your legal council. You wouldn’t want to make a case for couple of thousand dollars when the legal costs are more than that.

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