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Auto Theft – Don’t Get Clipped!


When you have over one million cars stolen every year in the USA you can say that the problem is serious for everyone involved. It requires countless hours for authorities and police to chase criminals, look for the vehicles, recover and store them. Many people are stranded with their automobiles and they have to spend hours dealing with claims and finding a replacement car.

Probably the worse damages are done to insurers who have to pay for the losses suffered by their policyholders. They have the biggest stake in the recovery of automobiles. The trouble is that it is not easy to find them and return to their owners. Some cars get dismantled to its parts withing hours of being taken. Owners will never see them again and they will never be recovered by authorities. Even they are found it is unlikely that they will be in one piece or running. They may be totaled anyway.

As well as criminals there are joy riders that join in the fun. They take easy to steal cars, drive until they run out of petrol or crash onto something. They may even torch it for extra measure of fun. They are not organized criminals who are seeking financial game from it. These may be considered as crime of opportunity in many cases.

stolen carsIt is amazing to know that thousands of motorists leave the keys on or leave the vehicle running while they are away. You would have to ask who is at fault here; the owners for making it easier or the thieves for taking it. Not everybody is honest and walk past a easy offering especially bored young kids may be looking for something like this all the time.

Therefore, you should always make sure that your car is properly looked, no windows are left open and it is parked in a visible place. You should never disable any of the security features that came with the vehicle. This could nullify your claim as you would have left the vehicle vulnerable to attach by disabling its defense.

There are also cases of parts being stolen off cars. Stereo systems, airbags, engines and wheels are some of the items that are taken. The parts taken may not be expensive. But the overall bills for the insurers can be hefty when you take dealing with the claim, paying the mechanic to fix it and towing costs are taken into account. Being stolen as a whole or in parts it is not a pleasant experience to have.

Majority of the companies would offer extra discounts for cars with advanced security features. It is best that these features come installed in the factory. Some companies don’t take alarm systems that are installed at later stage into account. So, your choice of the car is influential in many ways. It can save you tons of money over the years with the savings on car insurance.

You would also get further discounts for having a garage to keep it under lock at night. Keep this in mind while you are house hunting.

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