Why People Change their Car Insurance Companies?

April 18th, 2014

Generally people are comfortable with the suppliers they work with everyday. They like to go to the same restaurant over and over again or visit the same holiday destinations for years. This is because of the disappointments they had with many service providers and good manufacturers. Knowing a little about the place, product and provider makes it familier.

Still change is good in many cases and there is no need to be scared that we will lose out. After all, we can go back to previous provider if things doesn’t work out. If we don’t try we don’t know what else is available to us in the vast marketplace. Besides, there may be things happened in the past that makes us think it may be time to move on.

There are plenty reasons why motorists changes their insurance carriers. In some cases, policyholders may be forced to make a change. In others they prefer to do it on their own will. It is hard to list all of them here. But here are the common justifications for switching;

Premium Costs and Desire to Save Money

You may have had a good quote when you first took out the current policy several years ago. This does not mean that they are still very competitive. Check your options at each renewal and see where you are at that time with prices. Finding cheap car insurance quotes is the most common reason for switching carriers. Everyday thousands of people do find cheaper car insurance rates and save money.

Better Coverage Offers

Auto insurance companies keep adjusting and improving their products and prices. You may be quoted similar premium but the policy on offer may be loaded with many extras you like. This is one of the ways insurers use to attract new customers. When you can get a lot more for your money why would you not want it? While some companies see additional coverage requests as an opportunity to make money others may see a chance to keep you happy. After all it is harder and costlier to find new customers.

do you feel protected?Unpleasant Claims Experience

The whole reason you buy insurance is to get compensated when you suffer a loss. You do not mess around when the payment date comes and hand over the money. It is only natural that you expect the same when you have a claim. They should deal with it efficiently and keep you informed in every step. When they start demanding too many information, documents and sit on your claim too long you may want to consider your options.

This time it may be only a small claim. A bigger claim with an unresponsive insurer can be very stressful. You want your car to be repaired efficiently and returned back to you. Check with your family and friends for their experience. Go online and find forums where people discuss their own experiences. Usually, you do not have to pay a lot more for a better company.

Poor Customer Service Provision

Some companies rate poorly on this department. You may have to wait for ten minutes for the phone to be answered. And when it is answered they may not be knowledgeable enough and put you on hold to find out from their supervisors. The whole process may leave a bad taste and you may start questioning what would happen when you have a claim.

If they are not answering the phone to sell a new policy or deal with customer queries that may lead to upsell, it would be bad when they have to pay money out for a claim. You can check their service quality before switching to a new insurer by calling them.

Lower your Auto Insurance Rates at any Age

October 6th, 2013

Auto insurance companies look at many reasons when they calculate their premiums. One of those reasons is the age of the drivers insured. Teenage drivers are the most riskier and senior drivers can get charged higher rates as well. Experienced drivers who are over the age of 25 and below 75 with no claim history are likely to get the cheapest car insurance rates.

Regardless of your age there are a few steps you could follow to bring down your premiums. You can find the best possible coverage for your driving habits, age and experience. The very first thing that drivers should do to fasten in inexpensive automobile insurance quotes is to reduce other areas of driving risk.

Driving a safe auto with additional security features like side airbags could be an excellent start. Many drivers also make a decision to take state sponsored safe driving courses. This is a method to get a special safe driver discount from automobile insurance firms especially when you are over the age of 55. But some states allow these discounts at much lower ages. Safe driver kickbacks can occasionally lower the premiums by fifteen percent or even more. That is why it is a good discount possibility to check out.

The next step is to look at your coverage and see if you are buying what you need and keeping the costs down. Ask your broker about reductions for these areas of coverage while buying a policy. As an example, drivers who pay for fully comprehensive automobile coverage can frequently lower their premiums by asking questions about anti theft reductions and installing automobile alarms or other burglary devices in their autos.

age of drivers insuredAnother great way of lowering your vehicle insurance costs is to look for alternative quotations either online or through brokers and agents. Obtaining quotes permits drivers of any age to see their numerous option and get a great idea of what a policy should cost. The Net has made it simple to assemble a significant number of free, inexpensive vehicle insurance quotes in one or two minutes, as auto insurance quote tools are available that may find one or two quotes in just a few seconds.

Drivers should use these services and insurance corporation internet sites to compare as many quotes as practical both before purchasing a policy and every six months or so after a policy is in effect. This makes it way easier to estimate whether the premiums on a policy are fair. With no regard for a driver’s age, trying to find automobile insurance reductions and applying online for free auto insurance quotes are very good techniques to reduce the value of auto insurance charges.

With a little bit of research and one or two telephone calls, any driver can keep cheap coverage for a vehicle without raising deductibles or lowering coverage limits. But deductibles may be an area you should look at as well. You could get several more quotes with different level of deductibles and see if it will lower your costs down a bit. It is a trade of that can pay off well.

How to Get Low Insurance Quotes for Sports Cars?

March 24th, 2013

Nobody can question your taste about automobiles. We live once and we love certain things a lot more. You have probably been checking various websites and looking at specifications. You may have finally made your mind about purchasing an auto that is considered sporty and high risk by most standards. In that case, you should be prepared for the next step; insuring it.

You will have to accept that these vehicles are more expensive to insure. They are powerful and can speed pretty fast in seconds. This makes them dangerous in the hands of less experienced and more risk taking type of drivers. They are not cheap to insure even when you have a great driving history when compared to standard sedans. As long as you start your search with this knowledge you won’t be terribly surprised with the quotations.

insuring sports carsWhat Can You Do to Lower Premiums?

Once you buy the car you have to find a way of managing your position. There are ways of reducing the costs. One of the common one is to make sure that your automobile comes with the latest security and safety features. You should make sure to buy all the upgrades in this area. These autos are high risk but their specifications can be higher than most other cars. This can help you to cut down the costs.

Companies love to avoid risks and are not as keen to charge extra as you may think. They will look at the functions that reduce risks. Although many auto thieves like to steal high end cars they don’t do it because it is not easy to do so. Furthermore, it may be harder to get away even you stole it. They have the latest theft prevention technologies and they have satellite tracks.

While planning ahead you should try to avoid traffic violation tickets and claims. When you have a poor driving record and a sports car you will suffer badly from this combination. Also, you should think seriously before buying such automobiles for teenagers. You may find that it is almost impossible to insure it.

Having a garage or private parking becomes extra important when you have an expensive car. Try to find a home that provides you with space to park it. Also, try to select a good neighborhood to live. The chance of vandalism and theft is much higher in some zip codes.

If you have an option try to avoid the lighter automobiles. They are more likely to sustain a lot more damages and cause more serious injuries. Some manufacturers make sport cars lighter to increase speed and reduce fuel consumption. If there are two similar models it may be wiser to go for the more sturdy one.

The last but one of the most important thing you could do to help yourself is to get auto insurance quotes before buying them. For example, you may be considering two or three different models. Get quotes for each of them and see which one is more economical to insure. Depending on the price differences you may want to take the insurance costs into account or ignore it. This is entirely up to you.

How to Find Low Insurance Rates for Foreign Cars

November 14th, 2012

The world is integrating very fast and every manufacturer is looking for a new market. Does it really matter that you have an imported car when it comes to insuring it? This could depend on many factors like availability of parts and mechanics to repair them.

Actually, it is very difficult to make the distinction these days. For example, people may class BMW as a foreign car since it is a German brand. However, most of the ones that are sold in the American market is manufactured in Pennsylvania. The same wrong assumptions apply to Toyota as well since it is originally a Japanese brand. However, Toyota is the largest auto manufacturer in the USA now. While Ford and other companies are only assembling their vehicles in the country Toyota actually makes most parts here as well.

Furthermore, insurance is getting universal too. You can drive with your insurance coverage in Canada during your visit. Of course if you move there or spend more of you time you should buy a Canadian insurance coverage and you can drive in the US with it. Also, you can find some of the companies that operating in the US doing business in Canada too.

The situation is different in Mexico since they require you buy a Mexican policy the moment you cross the border. You need to check the laws and regulations of the countries you are planning to visit. You don’t want to have problems with the law.

Coming back to insuring foreign cars, it is hardly likely you will have any problems as long as they are sold in the American market widely. You may have slight problems with the ones that are custom or rare. You need to get the specifications of these vehicles and talk to a broker or a specialist firm.

foreign autosIf you are bringing a vehicle that was first registered abroad you will probably have to change the registration to your home state. This would take time and paperwork but shouldn’t be a problem either. In many states you need to have your registration documents to insure a vehicle and in some cases you need to buy insurance first to be able to register. You should check the regulations in your state.

Of course, if you make the highly unusual decision of taking a car from the UK to America that could be a different story. The cars in the UK are right hand drive and this may affect your rates or require you to arrange special coverage. For anything quite extra ordinary you should talk to a broker or a specialist insurers. They would be the best sources of coverage and information.

You should always inform yourself with the laws, regulations and possibilities when you are considering buying certain type of an automobile. The same applies when you are considering making a lot of modifications to your existing car. Any changes on engine and body will affect car insurance rates and you want to be aware of this effect before you go ahead with the purchase or modification.

What Would Make Auto Insurance Premiums Change?

September 25th, 2012

Premiums are set at a given date for a specified period. And they are based on the current information available to the company. They are technically designed to be changed. These days, many companies are offering six monthly policies instead of a yearly one so that they can make the necessary alterations more often. This applies to both policyholders and insurers. They can have a look at their options and renegotiate a new package to move forward. Renewals also give the policyholder a chance to make adjustments to the coverage.

Nonetheless, they are unlikely to change a lot at each renewal providing everything else remain the same. If anything they should go down if you have not made any claim or had other adverse incidents. This is a relief when you have an accident of auto theft on your record. Initially you may see large increase in the premium. But the rates start coming down as early as from your next renewal.

We should look at the changes that are happening in two separate times. They should be classified as changes during the policy period and changes at the renewal. We have already covered a bit about the renewal and premium changes at the time.

There are cases that forces companies to re-adjust their prices while the policy still in force. Generally, discovering a new information is the main reason for making adjustments. The carrier must have a reason to increase your rates once you bought the policy. A mistake at some stage may be offered as an explanation as well. For example, your broker may have made a mistake while calculating your premium.

However, you are allowed to make changes to the policies while they are in affect. Life doesn’t stay still and you move, change your auto, job or want to add another driver. All these changes will require adjustments, additional premium or refunds. This is considered part of the business and dealt with everyday.

It may be more useful to talk about the premium changes at the end of your policy term. There are a few factors that can affect the change. When a company increases the rates they will have to tell their customers. Actually, they may not tell you but they will have to give you an explanation if you ever ask. This could be a good starting point to deal with a premium hike. Once you know the reason you can deal with it more efficiently. Also, you can clear any mistakes or misunderstandings with your current provider or broker.

There is no need to panic at all as most companies give you plenty notice. At least they should let you know the renewal terms couple of weeks before the due date. This is plenty time to look at alternative providers and see if you can find affordable replacement policy. This can even work out better for some motorists who finally do something about expensive costs. They may be able to discover a lot better deals as a result of their searches.

Should You Fight a Disputed Auto Insurance Claim?

July 15th, 2012

You would naturally be a little anxious after submitting a claim. We hear all sorts of stories of auto insurance companies’ evil doings. Quite a few of them are highly exaggerated tales and not even close to real story. Some of them can be real and few companies may play difficult to hand over the money. At times, they may be fully justified to do so. On other occasions they may be taken to court and get beaten.

When a claim is made most companies would appoint a claims adjuster to deal with it. This person is responsible for gathering the required information and and presenting it back to the firm. You will have your say on the matter and you will fill a claim form explaining the incident and listing your damages. This is the first step and loss adjuster will take it from there.

They will get more information from sources like other drivers, witnesses and police should any of them involve. Furthermore, they will inspect the vehicle and get an opinion from the body repair shop. If they find contradicting information, they may come back and check with you. Or they may go ahead and come to their conclusions and inform you of it.

car insurance claimsHopefully, all goes well and you get a satisfactory claim settlement. Again there may be a chance you have your say again about the outcome. There is a chance you can persuade the adjuster to increase the offer. In any case you should take up your concerns with the adjuster. If this is not going anywhere you should speak to the claims department directly. When you have a valid reason to argue you will find someone who listens and looks into it for you.

Unfortunately, companies can deny the claim outright at certain circumstances. One of them is that the driver is found intoxicated at the time of the accident. This would have been covered well in your policy that you cannot drive drunk and expect your claims paid. If you or whoever was driving your auto is proved to be drunk you probably have no grounds to argue against the refusal of the claim. You can try but you are most likely be wasting your money and time.

Another case would be that you were engaged in an illegal activity at the time of the accident. For example, if you were making a run from the police and crashed you may not find many sympathetic ears to your cries. This is another clear cut exclusion that prevents you from making a claim or arguing about it.

Knowingly causing the damage or claiming more than the losses suffered in this incident will be met with strong opposition by the insurer or their agents. You cannot make a claim for a damage that was caused during a spousal spat. You break you pay, that is the rule.

Otherwise, you should talk to a lawyer about your case when all your efforts to resolve it nicely didn’t bear any solutions. You should also talk about the defense costs with your legal council. You wouldn’t want to make a case for couple of thousand dollars when the legal costs are more than that.

A Temporary Solution Is Available

June 21st, 2012

Various policy packages are available in the auto insurance market. Standard policies are sold for six months or a year but you may need coverage for even shorter period of time. This is possible as well and there are companies that will sell you policies on monthly intervals. This option may be hand for people who only need coverage for a short period of time.

You may have plans to take a car to a destination and sell it or give it to someone. You may several reasons why you think you won’t need a policy for six months. Then, you wouldn’t want to spend money for full premium. If you could buy coverage for only a few days or several weeks that would be enough. You would be pleased to know that you can have it the way you want with temporary policies.

These policies may be for shorter term but they will offer everything you need and they will be as good as a typical policy except the shorter arrangements. This could suit many people for variety of reasons. You may be planning to move to a new state and you just bought a car to take it with you. You may just want a policy that will take you there. When you don’t know your new address and many other details and you are going to give up the policy anyway it is understandable that you would want a transition coverage.

short term auto coverageYou read stories of many travelers who would buy a car when they arrive to the USA. They would drive it several weeks or months and than sell it again to move on. They would want a special policy to cover them for the journeys they will take. This cover would be better than the rental car insurance. Anyway, if you own the vehicle you cannot buy a rental car cover and they would be very expensive. So, temporary policies can be a good in between solution.

You can ask your broker about them or search online. You should be able to find several companies that are willing to offer you a quote. Check several of them and make a choice. You should pay the same attention as you would arranging a permanent policy. It doesn’t matter that you drive a day or a year. You never know when you may end up in an accident.

Some companies may not offer policies explicitly for short term. But they may offer coverage in a way that it can be cancelled when there is no more use for it. This is a good alternative and it may work out cheaper. You should explain the situation to your broker or agent and make sure that you don’t get charged large cancellation fees when you are done with it.

Whatever your needs may be there is probably a product in the insurance market. If not, you can ask a customized one for your needs. It may be that you need to look around a little bit longer until you find what you are looking for and the right price.

Preparing for the Summer and Protecting Cars

May 27th, 2012

If you ask any driver they will probably tell you that winter is the most dangerous season for accidents. They may be right because of the black ice and snow on the road. Temperatures can go down rapidly that disturbs your automobile and cause burst pipes. You can lose control on icy conditions and end up in a ditch on the side of the road.

This doesn’t mean that summer is smooth sailing. Thinking this way will mean that you will not prepare for what is coming. Make no mistake that summer and spring have their own surprises and distractions. Understanding these perils can allow you time to prepare for them. Get ready for potential hazards on the road and when they can do to your car.

Storms are one of those dangers in this seasons. They could come in the form of thunderstorms, hail and heavy rains that lead to flooding. Any of these weather conditions can cause substantial damages to automobiles and homes.

weather damageYou should know by know what are the main issues in your region and be prepared to defend your possessions. If you are living in a hot and dry part of the country you should be prepared for dust that can interfere with the road view and block parts in your vehicle. You can deal with this issue by regularly washing it and changing filters. You should also check the cooling system to make sure it doesn’t cause a breakdown for you.

If you are living in a vet area you should be watching out for rust that is one of the main troubles for cars. You should have regular checks and deal with issues quickly. Rust can cause damages to your engine and pipes. It is not all about keeping from imminent dangers and sometimes it is about keeping your vehicle in good condition.

Seasonal checks and getting cars ready is part of regular maintenance. You want it to keep on working in perfect condition to avoid mechanical breakdowns that may happen in most unfortunate circumstances. They can lead to accidents and it will lead to increase on your premiums.

There are one or two more things you can do to be prepared. Having a garage to store your automobile can be very helpful. In stormy weather flying objects can cause damages to your vehicle. Falling trees are another menace you need to be mindful of. Keeping your car locked safely in the garage will be preferable. That is why may companies would offer lower rates for people with garages.

If you don’t have one, you can still protect it from possible dangerous. For example, you can make sure to park it away from older trees and lose cans and anything that can be moved by the storm to hit your car. When insurers know that there are severe weathers in certain times of the year they will take this into account. If you make a claim due to one of those conditions you would only be confirming their suspicions of the risks. Therefore, they will be increasing premiums considerably.

Auto Theft – Don’t Get Clipped!

May 27th, 2012

When you have over one million cars stolen every year in the USA you can say that the problem is serious for everyone involved. It requires countless hours for authorities and police to chase criminals, look for the vehicles, recover and store them. Many people are stranded with their automobiles and they have to spend hours dealing with claims and finding a replacement car.

Probably the worse damages are done to insurers who have to pay for the losses suffered by their policyholders. They have the biggest stake in the recovery of automobiles. The trouble is that it is not easy to find them and return to their owners. Some cars get dismantled to its parts withing hours of being taken. Owners will never see them again and they will never be recovered by authorities. Even they are found it is unlikely that they will be in one piece or running. They may be totaled anyway.

As well as criminals there are joy riders that join in the fun. They take easy to steal cars, drive until they run out of petrol or crash onto something. They may even torch it for extra measure of fun. They are not organized criminals who are seeking financial game from it. These may be considered as crime of opportunity in many cases.

stolen carsIt is amazing to know that thousands of motorists leave the keys on or leave the vehicle running while they are away. You would have to ask who is at fault here; the owners for making it easier or the thieves for taking it. Not everybody is honest and walk past a easy offering especially bored young kids may be looking for something like this all the time.

Therefore, you should always make sure that your car is properly looked, no windows are left open and it is parked in a visible place. You should never disable any of the security features that came with the vehicle. This could nullify your claim as you would have left the vehicle vulnerable to attach by disabling its defense.

There are also cases of parts being stolen off cars. Stereo systems, airbags, engines and wheels are some of the items that are taken. The parts taken may not be expensive. But the overall bills for the insurers can be hefty when you take dealing with the claim, paying the mechanic to fix it and towing costs are taken into account. Being stolen as a whole or in parts it is not a pleasant experience to have.

Majority of the companies would offer extra discounts for cars with advanced security features. It is best that these features come installed in the factory. Some companies don’t take alarm systems that are installed at later stage into account. So, your choice of the car is influential in many ways. It can save you tons of money over the years with the savings on car insurance.

You would also get further discounts for having a garage to keep it under lock at night. Keep this in mind while you are house hunting.

Essential Auto Insurance Coverage

May 27th, 2012

If you are going to arrange and pay for car insurance you should do so efficiently. This would mean that you cover yourself for possible liabilities claims and your own losses due to insured perils. There are many ways of finding discounts and low rates. Cutting coverage down to bare minimum is not one of the ways you should be utilizing. This would be a mistake and it would be too late when you realize.

Everyone keeps talking about legally required minimum coverage. You should ignore it completely since you cannot buy a policy below these amounts anyway. Instead you should think about how much coverage would make you comfortable. You should think about hundreds of thousands of protection if not a million dollar. Last thing you want is to be sued by third parties because you run out of coverage.

These days the cheapest car is around $15,000 and it is normal for people to own cars around $100,000. This is a serious investment and maybe the only large investment many people have. What is a few hundred dollar if you can protect your asset properly? Anyone who has a decent enough automobile should think of buying full coverage for it.

When you are talking about full coverage the first components you want to see in there are Collision and Comprehensive covers. They normally come as a package and protect your car for any insured perils. These include, crashes, flood, fire, theft and any other accidental and weather related losses. You are covered from hitting a deer to a tree falling onto it.

If you are really concerned about the costs consider increasing your deductibles. You should do this only if you are getting good savings as a result and you are a good driver with years of experience. It may not be a smart move if you don’t have enough savings to pay for deductibles and you are prone to accidents and claims.

Uninsured motorists coverage may be compulsory in your state. Otherwise, this is an important protection just in case someone who hit you don’t have insurance. This possibility is more real than many people think. There are millions of stolen cars that insurance will not pay for the drivers. Also, there are people who cannot afford to buy coverage but cannot give up driving either. It is only few bucks to add this protection and can be one of the best investments you made.

Once you arrange the basics mentioned above you could consider insuring for a rental car for the duration you cannot use your own. Many people may have enough money to pay for a rental car or they may have another vehicle to their disposal. Good public transport facilities is another reason you may want to save on this cover.

Many people think that they pay too much for car insurance. If you are one of those people you should shop around for the lowest quotes. This is one of the least painful and risky way of saving money on premiums.

Panic Insurance Buyers Increase When Premiums Rise

May 27th, 2012

People are known to act irrationally in many ways. They may not buy enough coverage when they have plenty time to look into it. As soon as they hear a storm coming their way or the weather is going to go worse with rains or heavy snow they start piling up on their home and auto insurance coverage.

But this may coincide with the periods insurance companies increase their premiums. They are like betting offices and watching all the probabilities all the time. They know what is coming your way and how much damages it will cause. They have to protect themselves when the risks are getting bigger and bigger.

This is a point you need to keep in mind. You know the risks and dangers in your region. You should arrange your policies in plenty of time. This way, you will have time to consider the level of protection needed, ask advice from brokers and agents and check prices.

panic insurance buyingThe last thing you want is to buy insufficient coverage for your needs. It is like knowing that winter is coming and stocking on woods, coal or fuel to keep you warm. You need and want to be prepared for all the eventualities well before they hit you.

You may ask how would you know what you need? This is exactly the reason you are buying insurance policies. It is an uncertain business and the risks scare many people. If they can sell these risks to a reliable company in return for regular premium payments they would take the changes. This is what insurance companies offer you exactly. They buy your risks so that you can sleep well at night.

Paying monthly premiums is easier to deal with than one large lump sum. You may not need to make claims for years. But one claim may pay a lot more than years of premiums you paid. It is like retirement funds in many ways. You never know that you will leave to enjoy the money you have been saving for years. But you don’t want to come to a ripe old age and realize that you don’t have enough money to have a comfortable life and you cannot work 40 hours a week anymore.

Like many people you have been working hard and accumulating wealth. You have assets in the form of brick and mortar property and automobiles. You also have contents within your home. Those are all money and they are always at risk form obvious things to most unexpected things. Take your time and figure out how much coverage you will need to protect each of these properties.

If you are living in an area susceptible to floods, storms and earthquake you should check your policy that it covers for these perils. Some companies may offer you cheaper policies but specially exclude coverage for these natural risks. What good a home policy in an area where you are expecting at least one or two strong storms every year? If you have to pay additional premium or add these perils separately you should not hesitate doing so. In any case you shouldn’t buy policies that isn’t going to cover something coming your way.